Michelle Obama Goes Off On Clinton And Trump At Apple's WWDC | NTK Network Michelle Obama Goes Off On Clinton And Trump At Apple’s WWDC

Michelle Obama Goes Off On Clinton And Trump At Apple’s WWDC

The former First Lady criticized Hillary Clinton's campaign and expressed her displeasure over President Trump's travel ban and withdrawal from the Paris deal.

By NTK Staff | 06.06.2017 @3:15pm
Michelle Obama Goes Off On Clinton And Trump At Apple’s WWDC

Former First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t hold back her criticism of both Hillary Clinton’s campaign or President Trump’s administration during an appearance at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Tuesday.

“If a person knows you, and they trust you, then they are more inclined to listen,” Michelle Obama told the audience. “I mean, look, there’s nobody who worked harder to try to get Hillary Clinton elected than me or Barack, but there’s a limit to that influence you can have when people don’t know you directly.”

Michelle Obama was responding to reports that Clinton’s campaign blamed the Obama administration for their election loss.

Axios previously reported:

A Clinton campaign official told us: “The White House was like everyone else: They thought she’d win anyway. … If he had done more, it might have lessened a lot of aggrieved feelings, although I don’t think it would have altered the outcome. The Russia thing was like a spy novel, and anything he had said or done would have helped get people to believe it was real.”

The former First Lady didn’t limit her criticism to just Clinton, however. In her final remarks, she took a shot at President Trump for his travel ban and for withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate accord.

“Think about that higher purpose because we are at a time in this country where we need problem solvers out there who are committed, who believe in this country,” Michelle Obama told the crowd. “Who believe in the values and diversity, believe in, you know, the value of immigrants, that believe … that global warming is real.”

Michelle Obama’s comments about global warming, themselves a sign she is perhaps not as reticent to wade into politics as she once claimed, drew applause from the crowd.

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