Mick Mulvaney Slams Washington's Definitions of "Cuts" | NTK Network Mick Mulvaney Slams Washington’s Definitions of “Cuts”

Mick Mulvaney Slams Washington’s Definitions of “Cuts”

The Budget Director said the government considers consistent funding levels as "cuts."

By NTK Staff | 05.23.2017 @1:53pm

Director of the Office of Budget Management Mick Mulvaney blasted the Washington establishment’s definition of cuts at a press briefing on Tuesday.

“In Washington, D.C., if you spent $100 last year on something and you spend $100 this year on that same thing – in Washington, people call that a cut,” Mulvaney complained.

“Ya’ll call it a cut,” he said, pointing to the media.

He took the scenario even further, saying, “I’ve seen a few occasions where we spend $100 last year and $102 this year and many people will still call that a cut.”

According to Mulvaney, the Congressional Budget Office has entrenched spending increases in the budget every year.

“Washington speaks differently than the world back home,” Mulvaney argued, saying most people would see things his way.

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