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Mika Brzezinski Is “Growing Tired’ Of Elizabeth Warren’s Act

'This reminds me of eight years ago, except now it’s Democrats doing it'

By NTK Staff | 11.29.2016 @10:33am

On Monday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took the Senate Floor and proclaimed, “Republicans are taking over Congress, they are taking over the White House, but Republicans do not have majority support in this country. The majority of voters supported Democratic Senate candidates over Republican ones*, and the majority supported a Democratic presidential candidate over a Republican one.”

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel was extremely critical of Warren’s comments, calling them, ‘shrill…unmeasured, and almost unhinged!’

“You have Elizabeth Warren stepping out and basically looking like she’s going to be the de facto head of the Democratic Party nationally,” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said of Warren’s remarks.

Mika Brzezinski who openly supported Warren running for president in 2016 said of Warren’s remarks: “Do you lead on anger, though? Because that doesn’t seem very constructive to me. I gotta tell you. I love her; I’m getting tired of this act.”

“I mean she’s just got to stop. I’m sorry. It’s getting exhausting,” Brzezinksi added. “And this did not helpful during the campaign. It wasn’t. There’s an anger there that was shrill and a step above what it needed to be, unmeasured, and almost unhinged. It’s not going to work. At some point, we have to look at what happened and look at the people we lost along the way.”

Brzezinski went on to say Warren’s remarks show a politician who is not “listening” or “learning” from this year’s election results.

[*EDITORIAL NOTE: Only one-third of Senate seats are up for election each cycle, and in 2016, populous blue states such as New York, Illinois, and California held Senate elections, while large GOP states like Texas did not, thereby skewing the overall Senate vote counts.]

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