MO State Senator Calls McCaskill's 'Crazy Democrats' Ad a 'Dog Whistle' | NTK Network MO State Senator Calls McCaskill’s ‘Crazy Democrats’ Ad a ‘Dog Whistle’

MO State Senator Calls McCaskill’s ‘Crazy Democrats’ Ad a ‘Dog Whistle’

Some Democrats are not happy with one of Claire McCaskill's closing ads in a hotly-contested U.S. Senate race.

By NTK Staff | 10.25.2018 @1:30pm
MO State Senator Calls McCaskill’s ‘Crazy Democrats’ Ad a ‘Dog Whistle’

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) thinks she’s found her winning message in the closing weeks of the hotly-contested U.S. Senate race in Missouri: she’s not a “crazy” Democrat, and “you don’t have to like her” to vote for her.

While the messages themselves may lack any inspiration and have been subject to scrutiny from observers of the race, it’s the “crazy” term that’s causing McCaskill to run into controversy with mere days to go until Election Day.

The Weekly Standard, a D.C.-based publication, reported Wednesday that at least two influential Democrats are upset over McCaskill’s “crazy Democrats” radio ad, with one even calling the ad a racial “dog whistle.”

From the Weekly Standard‘s Andrew Egger:

“I want to know who these ‘crazy Democrats’ are,” state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents parts of North St. Louis, told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “Is she talking about African Americans? Is she talking about the LGBT community? Is she talking about pro-choicers? Is she talking about the activists on the ground that have been responding to racial inequity? The question she needs to be asked and forced to answer is who are the crazy Democrats she’s talking about and relying on to vote for her in November. We deserve an answer.”

State Representative Courtney Curtis represents the St. Louis-adjacent city of Ferguson, where racial tensions flared following the August 2014 police shooting of African-American teenager Michael Brown. Curtis told TWS that the McCaskill ad was a “dog whistle.”

It’s not the first or even the second time McCaskill has been subject to scrutiny from black leaders in Missouri. And the lack of enthusiasm and support for McCaskill from Missouri’s black community may be her political undoing this November.

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