'Morning Joe' Bashes The Democrats' New Slogan | NTK Network ‘Morning Joe’ Bashes The Democrats’ New Slogan

‘Morning Joe’ Bashes The Democrats’ New Slogan

"The new Democrats' slogan doesn't involve you emotionally." "It's so bland."

By NTK Staff | 07.25.2017 @10:29am

The panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” bashed the Democrats for their new slogan, “A Better Deal,” for being bland, vanilla, and not the bold idea that Democrats have been promising to deliver for months during a segment on Tuesday.

The Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson pointed out that Democrats have promised the American people bold ideas, and that this plan they released on Monday is the opposite of bold.

“As slogan’s go, ‘A Better Deal,’ it’s not the worst I’ve ever heard. It’s far from the best, and there’s nothing there that punches you in the gut, that tears at your heart, that involves you emotionally,” Robinson continued.

The panel then criticized the slogan for focusing on anti-trust legislation. “That’s always been a winning message,” one panelist joked.

“They need a person who stands for those things in how he or she has lived his life and can communicate those things effectively with his or her voice. Then the slogan should follow. Making the slogan and then trying to find the person to fit the slogan…you can’t do it,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski commented on the Democrats’ new slogan.

Axios’ Mike Allen commented, “We vote for people, not platforms. And the Democrats here are just trying to say we are something besides anti-Russia.”

Allen went on to remark that the anti-trust element of the Democrats’ platform has elements similar to what Donald Trump and Steve Bannon have advocated for.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said of the Democrat’s new slogan, “It’s so bland. It’s so vanilla. It’s so terrible.”

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