MSNBC: Trump is 'Revered' in Israel | NTK Network MSNBC: Trump is ‘Revered’ in Israel

MSNBC: Trump is ‘Revered’ in Israel

"God Bless Trump" is plastered on posters that have been spread across western Jerusalem.

By NTK Staff | 12.06.2017 @1:58pm

After President Trump announced on Wednesday that he would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, MSNBC’s Ron Allen said that “Donald Trump is revered” in the Jewish nation.

“[The Israelis] think this is historic over here in west Jerusalem, where Donald Trump is revered” Allen reported from Israel.

The joy in Israel at Trump’s announcement was evident on the streets.

“There are posters saying ‘God bless Donald Trump.’ There [were] people walking around with cell phones earlier, watching the speech,” he said. “They think this is long overdue. They think this is the way the world should be.”

However, Allen reported that Palestinians were in despair, believing the “United States has betrayed the Palestinian side.”

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