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National Corn Growers Slam Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

In a rare display of rapid response from the National Corn Growers Association, the group blasted Bud Light in a tweet and praised its competitors.

By NTK Staff | 02.04.2019 @10:08am
National Corn Growers Slam Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

As it does every year, Bud Light released a series of new commercials during Sunday night’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS. The annual event usually sparks water cooler talk the next day about the creativity behind some of the ads, but at least one Bud Light ad was not warmly received by a national trade association.

The National Corn Growers Associated blasted Bud Light for its ad that proudly claimed the product does not contain corn syrup, unlike chief rivals Miller Lite and Coors Light. Here’s the ad:

“Bud Light: brewed with no corn syrup,” the ad’s narrator says at the end of the commercial.

Not surprisingly, the National Corn Growers didn’t take too kindly to the not-so-subtle critique. The group responded in real-time on Twitter, criticizing Bud Light while praising its rivals:

What Bud Light didn’t mention in the ad is that while they may not use corn syrup, they do use rice in a similar method. Many have criticized the big beer producers for relying on grains like corn and rice to help cut costs, as barley, the main grain used in brewing beer, is more expensive than corn or rice.

Mostly, however, the addition of corn and rice help sweeten and lighten the beer, a practice that has proved popular with many light beer drinkers in the U.S.

The Corn Growers posted a video on Facebook of a man dumping cans of Bud Light down the sink and saying, “Bud Light: you’re not standing with corn farmers, we’re not standing with you.”

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