Netanyahu: Iran Kept Nuke Plans After Deal | NTK Network Netanyahu: Iran Kept Nuke Plans After Deal

Netanyahu: Iran Kept Nuke Plans After Deal

The Israeli prime minister revealed that Tehran has been skirting the 2015 nuclear deal, intended to keep the Islamic Republic from developing a weapon.

By NTK Staff | 04.30.2018 @1:55pm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the results of a huge intelligence operation, exposing Iran’s secret nuclear program.

Israeli intelligence obtained access to hidden Iranian nuclear files, stealing over 55,000 pages of hard copy documents and 55,000 files on 183 disks. The files revealed that Iran’s “Project Amad” sought to develop “5 [nuclear] warheads, each with 10 kiloton yield, for integration on a missile.”

Iran used secret underground facilities, shown in videos and photographs, to develop their nuclear program.

Project Amad ended in 2003, but Netanyahu revealed that the program’s work endured, even after the 2015 nuclear deal. The Iranian Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (Iranian acronym SPND), headed by the former chief of Project Amad, continues nuclear weapons research.

This new evidence may put the Iran deal in jeopardy, as President Trump was already considering nixing the agreement. Iran’s deliberate disregard for the deal’s requirements could push him away.

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