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Never-Trumper Mo Brooks Has a Sierra Club Problem Now

The Alabama Senate candidate proves yet again he will do anything for political power.

By NTK Staff | 08.03.2017 @2:03pm
Never-Trumper Mo Brooks Has a Sierra Club Problem Now

With less than two weeks before Alabama’s U.S. Senate primary, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is facing questions about his previous support for the Sierra Club, a left-wing organization that has vowed to stop President Trump’s agenda and has repeatedly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a beloved former senator from Alabama.

Brooks has spent weeks pushing back on the narrative that he was once a never-Trumper, despite the mountain of evidence that exists of Brooks attacking Trump during the Republican presidential primary, and refusing to support Trump after he became the Republican nominee.

Now Brooks is facing another controversy from his past for his “decades-long” connection to the Sierra Club, which has been described as a “left-leaning organization” that supports Democrats and has attacked both Trump and Sessions ruthlessly over the past six months.

Only days after President Trump was inaugurated. the director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign, Mary Anne Hitt, wrote about how group intended to block Trump’s agenda:

“We can block the Trump agenda — make no mistake about it. Most of the big changes Trump wants have to go through the US Congress, which is where all those Senate Democrats come in. If they stay strong and united, many of Trump’s bad ideas will be dead in the water. That’s why we have to keep turning out to rallies, going to events with our elected officials, meeting with them and their staff, calling and writing and posting on their social media pages, and making sure they hear the voice of the people.”

The Sierra Club’s Executive Director Michael Brune, attacked Attorney General Sessions after the Senate confirmed him, writing in a statement: “It’s unconscionable that the Senate confirmed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a man previously deemed too racist to be a federal judge, to run our Department of Justice.”

“Sessions, a proven opponent of environmental protection, civil rights, and civil liberties, is the exact opposite of who we need leading our Department of Justice,” Brune’s statement continued. “The Sierra Club is committed to fighting for our families, our communities, and our environment, and we will challenge each and every unjust, hateful, dangerous and destructive action of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.”

Alabama Today is now reporting on Brooks decades-long connection to the Sierra Club, writing on Thursday:

“As far back as 2010, Brooks touted his “decade-long membership” in the Sierra Club — even including it in his Congressional campaign website. He explained his affiliation to Decatur Daily as such: “Our rivers to a large degree were open sewers. In the absence of federal legislation, that’s exactly where we would return. I don’t want to go there.”

Brooks also wrote an op-ed in September 2010 in the Huntsville Times, to explain his support of the Sierra Club, that he “was attacked for being a Sierra Club member and for being too tough on polluters.”

“But there is more to this issue than simply being pro-environment. America cannot afford to impose pollution control costs on American manufacturers that give foreign manufacturers a competitive advantage that, in turn, puts American employers out of business and cost Americans their jobs,” Brooks explained in his 2010 Huntsville Times op-ed.

Brooks, though, stopped touting his decades-long connection to the Sierra Club once he got to Washington D.C., and no longer needed the group to appeal to voters.

“[Brooks] record on issues important to the group of which he was a member dropped to a solid zero in the fight for ‘better water to drink,'” Alabama Today reports.

It appears that Brooks has some more explaining to do about why he would support a group like the Sierra Club, which has attacked President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions at every turn, because his excuse about loving the outdoors doesn’t seem to match his voting record.

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