Never-Trumpers Want Justin Amash to Run for President | NTK Network Never-Trumpers Want Justin Amash to Run for President

Never-Trumpers Want Justin Amash to Run for President

The back-bench House Republican is better known for his association with Ron Paul than any notable legislation.

By NTK Staff | 05.21.2019 @11:00am
Never-Trumpers Want Justin Amash to Run for President

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), who made headlines over the weekend for claiming that President Donald Trump engaged in “impeachable conduct,” is reportedly entertaining the idea of running for president as a Libertarian, according to The Hill.

The potential move has “united” so-called “Never Trump” Republicans, who have thus far failed to recruit a suitable challenger to the president.

According to The Hill, Amash “toyed with the idea of abandoning the Republican Party to run for president as a Libertarian” in interviews earlier this year. That speculation is ramping up again after his Twitter tirade against President Trump.

Never Trumpers and Libertarians are teaming up to encourage the Michigan congressman to run:

“There are a lot of Libertarian Party members actively encouraging Rep. Amash to switch parties and seek the Libertarian nomination,” said Nicholas Sarwark, the chairman of the Libertarian National Committee. “This is probably the most organized recruitment effort I’ve seen going back to 2012 when people were trying to recruit [former Texas Rep.] Ron Paul.”

But Republicans from RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), to President Trump himself have all criticized Amash in recent days.

“Justin is a loser who sadly plays right into our opponents’ hands,” Trump said on Twitter.

McCarthy called Amash’s remarks “disturbing” and questioned his loyalty to the Republican Party. Similarly, McDaniel said Amash was “parroting the Democrats’ talking points.”

Amash’s remarks triggered an immediate primary challenge. State Rep. Jim Lower, who described himself as a “pro-Trump” Republican, announced Monday he would run against Amash in a primary next year. And at least some voters have already expressed concern about supporting Amash’s reelection.

But if Amash runs for president, that could all be moot. Still, at least one notable Michigan Republican is not worried about an Amash presidential bid. Saul Anuzis, the former Michigan GOP chairman, said Amash’s appeal is very limited.

“Amash’s appeal beyond the libertarian and anti-Trump voter is limited in Michigan and elsewhere and will have limited effect on Trump’s ability to win here,” Anuzis said.

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