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New CLF Ad Hits ‘Two-Faced’ Conor Lamb

The Democrat is trying to take control of a heavily-Republican district in a special election.

By NTK Staff | 03.05.2018 @10:56am

A new ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) is hitting “two-faced” Democrat Conor Lamb for his bid to replace disgraced Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) in a special election this month.

The ad ties Lamb to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelsoi (D-CA), a constant strategy behind Republican efforts to preserve their congressional majorities.

“Conor Lamb: fresh face or two-faced?” the narrator asks to kick off the ad. “Lamb won’t admit he’s a Pelosi liberal.”

The commercial puts images of the Pennsylvania Democrat side-by-side with images of Pelosi throughout.

“Lamb won’t support seniors and Medicare. He supports Pelosi’s massive Medicare cuts, and Lamb is week on illegal immigration,” the narrator adds.

The CLF spot accuses the Democrat of supporting amnesty.

Lamb is running against Republican candidate Rick Saccone.

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