New Congressional Leadership Fund Ad: "Kathy" | NTK Network New Congressional Leadership Fund Ad: “Kathy”

New Congressional Leadership Fund Ad: “Kathy”

The ad highlights comedian Kathy Griffin's support for Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, and Ossoff's considerable ties to California elitists.

By NTK Staff | 06.01.2017 @4:41pm

The Congressional Leadership Fund is out with a new web ad highlighting comedian Kathy Griffin for her support of Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff.

“Liberal extremists have gone too far: smashing windows, burning cars, dividing American,” the ad’s narrator starts off.

The narrator continues, “now a celebrity Jon Ossoff-supporter is making jokes about beheading the president of the United States.”

At this point, the ad shows Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo shoot of her beheading President Trump.

“Angry liberals will go to any extreme to elect Jon Ossof. There’s a reason 95 percent of Ossoff’s campaign donors are out-of-state liberals — he is one of them,” the ad concludes.

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