New Hampshire Dems Sound Off on Warren: ‘Self-Centered,’ ‘Calculated,’ ‘Can’t Win’ | NTK Network New Hampshire Dems Sound Off on Warren: ‘Self-Centered,’ ‘Calculated,’ ‘Can’t Win’

New Hampshire Dems Sound Off on Warren: ‘Self-Centered,’ ‘Calculated,’ ‘Can’t Win’

Despite living in a neighboring state, many New Hampshire Democrats are not sold on Warren’s 2020 campaign.

By NTK Staff | 01.03.2019 @11:00am
New Hampshire Dems Sound Off on Warren: ‘Self-Centered,’ ‘Calculated,’ ‘Can’t Win’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) launched her presidential exploratory committee just days ago, but some Democrats in New Hampshire are already expressing their displeasure with how the Massachusetts Democrat has handled herself and doubts about her chances in 2020.

In a series of interviews with the Boston Globe, New Hampshire Democrats sounded off on Warren. “Progressive power couple,” Mary and John Rauh, each shared their concerns about how Warren relates to voters:

“I respect her and read her book and thought it was so self-centered,” said Mary Rauh, one of four statewide cochairs for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in the state.

“I do not think she will get much traction here in New Hampshire,” said John Rauh, a former US Senate candidate. “I agree with almost all of her policies. She is just not relating well to people other than those who just deeply agree with her.”

Another New Hampshire Democrat, former state Rep. Eileen Ehlers, said she backed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 2016 and is upset with Warren for not endorsing him last time, despite sharing many policy positions with him.

“One frequent comment is that although her policy stances are close to Bernie’s, she did not endorse him and took a politically calculated safe route to back [Hillary] Clinton. People have not forgotten nor forgiven that.”

The most direct criticism of Warren came from former state Sen. Peggy Gilmour, who was a Clinton supporter in 2016:

“She can’t win. But I expect there will be many other options,” said Gilmour, who backed Clinton in the 2016 primary.

While these are all simply anecdotes and the primary process is still in the very early stages, Warren’s team will need to find ways to address these concerns and make inroads among her doubters, if they hope to be successful in next year’s primary.

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