New Report Covers 'Meager' Liberal Effort to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh | NTK Network New Report Covers ‘Meager’ Liberal Effort to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

New Report Covers ‘Meager’ Liberal Effort to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

The Daily Beast reports that liberal efforts to oppose the new Supreme Court nominee are "meager," underwhelming, and underfunded.

By NTK Staff | 07.18.2018 @12:00pm
New Report Covers ‘Meager’ Liberal Effort to Oppose Brett Kavanaugh

Demand Justice, the new liberal group supposedly leading the opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, talks a big game.

“No matter who he picks, we’re ready,” the group tweeted the evening of Trump’s announcement of Kavanaugh. Demand Justice apparently had four anti-nominee signs ready.

Amid debunked arguments and astroturf letters to the editor, though, the liberal effort to oppose Kavanaugh is quickly falling apart – if it was ever there in the first place.

The Daily Beast reported Wednesday that even Demand Justice, the group allegedly leading the fight against Kavanaugh, has put up a “meager” effort so far.

Demand Justice, a liberal dark money group founded in the aftermath of Merrick Garland’s doomed nomination to the Supreme Court under President Barack Obama, has dropped only a fraction of the $5 million it pledged to spend in a campaign-style ad blitz to convince vulnerable Democrats and persuadable Republicans to keep Kavanaugh off the nation’s highest court.

Of that, much of the money spent thus far has gone to Facebook ads to non-battleground states —useful for raising awareness of Demand Justice’s work—and expanding their email list, but less useful in targeting constituents of senators from Alabama, Alaska, Indiana, Maine, North Dakota, and West Virginia who could be instrumental in stopping Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Even the videos’ ability to bring eyeballs to the nomination may be in question, however—the most recent Demand Justice video, which shows Kavanaugh raising his hand when asked whether a sitting president can be indicted, has a meager 1,691 views.

The Daily Beast also noted that a “Handmaids Against Kavanaugh” vigil in Boston, an ode to the Hulu show “A Handmaid’s Tale,” has only 10 RSVPs, and that Demand Justice’s supposed “mobilization” campaign against Kavanaugh is nowhere to be found.

“Our belief is that this fight is gonna be won on the ground, by mobilization,” Fallon elaborated.

Where then, in the first few weeks following the nomination of a potential Supreme Court justice, is that mobilization?

Fallon did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Demand Justice may fast be proving that it’s easy to tweet but hard to mobilize.

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