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New Report Finds Steyer’s Impeachment Campaign Basically Happened by Accident

The billionaire donor, now famous for his 'impeach Trump' campaign, didn't intend to make impeachment a central plan of his platform.

By NTK Staff | 03.29.2018 @11:00am
New Report Finds Steyer’s Impeachment Campaign Basically Happened by Accident

A new Daily Beast profile, published Thursday morning, goes deep into Tom Steyer’s multimillion-dollar impeachment campaign against President Trump.

The full profile, by Lachlan Markay and Sam Stein, is worth a read, as it covers how Steyer may use the massive list he’s building to start a political run at Trump in 2020.

One part in particular sticks out, though: the ‘impeach Trump’ campaign basically happened by accident when Steyer saw how strongly people reacted to his mentioning it on television.

[Steyer] didn’t drop the climate focus. He just added impeachment into the mix. At first, it was merely in bringing up the topic during media hits. Elected Democrats begged him to stop. But a source close to Steyer said he was amazed at the feedback he’d get for those hits, which, in turn, convinced him that there was a strong political appetite for the issue. And he didn’t half-ass it. Mark Putnam, widely considered one of the top ad men in Democratic politics, has produced the TV spots, while top party officials such as Bruce Reed (Joe Biden’s former chief of staff) and Chris Lehane (Al Gore’s former press secretary) have previously served as advisers.

Markay and Stein also note that some “neutral observers” have compared Steyer’s “latching on to the issue of impeachment” to Donald Trump’s latching on to the conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace.

By latching on to the issue of impeachment, he has become both a leading figure in the resistance movement and the standard bearer for how anti-Trump a presidential candidate can and should be. Allies say he’s tapping into the sense among Democrats that their country is being taken away. More neutral observers hear echoes of how birtherism was used against President Obama, albeit absent the racist dog whistles and lack of sophistication.

Obama was born in Hawaii, but conspiracy theorists, and sometimes Trump, alleged he was born in Kenya.

Steyer’s team may have hoped this profile would help launch his political star. Instead, Steyer risks being seen as a charlatan mining for emails, using an emotionally-charged issue to advance his nascent political career.

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