NJ-Sen. Race ‘Unexpectedly Bumpy’ for Democrats, Says NYT | NTK Network NJ-Sen. Race ‘Unexpectedly Bumpy’ for Democrats, Says NYT

NJ-Sen. Race ‘Unexpectedly Bumpy’ for Democrats, Says NYT

Deep blue New Jersey was never supposed to be in play on the Senate map. But that was before Bob Menendez faced a federal corruption trial.

By NTK Staff | 08.07.2018 @8:00am
NJ-Sen. Race ‘Unexpectedly Bumpy’ for Democrats, Says NYT

The Senate map for the 2018 midterms is largely set with less than three months to go until Election Day. But every year includes a surprising race or two that catches even the most vigilant politicos by surprise.

Could that race be the New Jersey U.S. Senate contest this year? The New York Times took a deep dive into the race. Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) federal corruption trial, coupled with Republican challenger Bob Hugin’s personal wealth, have turned the Garden State’s race into a closer-than-expected fight.

Hobbled by the negative press that resulted from the 2017 federal corruption trial, Menendez had a poor showing in the state’s June primary. Though Menendez won, a virtual unknown earned 40 percent of the vote against him.

Look, this isn’t a race that should be on our radar at all,” said Jennifer E. Duffy, a senior editor at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. “But why do we pay attention? One, that primary result,” referring to Ms. McCormick’s vote count, adding that “you can’t take that lightly. And then you’ve got a Republican who’s going to put in — the number moves around a lot — but anywhere from $25 to $50 million.”

The New York Times described Menendez’s reelection efforts as a road that “has become unexpectedly bumpy.” The Times noted that national Democratic groups have not come to Menendez’s aid as of yet, but that that could change in these final months.

If Democrats are forced to divert funds from any of the 10 Senate races in states that Trump won in 2016, it could have devastating results for the party. In a year in which every dollar matters, the last thing Democrats need is a competitive Senate race in a blue state like New Jersey.

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