NRCC: On Single-Payer, We'll Render Democrats 'Unelectable' in Midterms | NTK Network NRCC: On Single-Payer, We’ll Render Democrats ‘Unelectable’ in Midterms

NRCC: On Single-Payer, We’ll Render Democrats ‘Unelectable’ in Midterms

"We're going to render [Democrats] unelectable in a general election for supporting," single-payer health care Matt Gorman said in an interview.

By NTK Staff | 08.21.2017 @2:10pm

Fox News’ “America Newsroom” ran a segment on how Democrats’ efforts to retake the House of Representatives in 2018 centers around nominating military veterans to run in 2018, but the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Matt Gorman isn’t sold on the effectiveness of this strategy.

Gorman told Fox News that the NRCC is going to render Democratcs unelectable in general elections over their support for liberal policies like single-payer health care.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy reported on how Democrats are trying to flip 80 House seats, and they hope to do this by recruiting dozens of military veterans to challenge incumbent Republicans.

“They already stepped up and answered the call to service to their country before,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) press secretary Tyler Law said about the strategy. “It’s clear that they feel that same call to service in a different form, and that would be in the United States Congress.”

Doocy then reported on how the Republicans’ strategy in 2018 is to make liberals running in 2018 look out of touch

“As they move left and support single-payer in their Democratic primaries, trying to outflank one another, we’re going to render them unelectable in a general election for supporting that,” Gorman told Fox News. “I can’t wait to run ads against Democrats saying they want to abolish the VA, Medicare Part D, want complete government control of your healthcare and want to raise a trillion dollars in taxes.”

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