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NTK Fact Check: Is Antonio Delgado for Single-Payer Health Care?

The New York Democrat says his health care position has been consistent from “Day One.” NTK Network takes a look at that claim.

By NTK Staff | 10.12.2018 @3:30pm

THE CLAIM: “My position has been consistently – consistently, in a very competitive primary I might add, which I was beat up for repeatedly, and you can look through the documentation on this, okay? It’s pretty clear what my position was – public option. Give everybody the choice to opt in to Medicare. That’s been my position from day one. No inconsistencies. Straight from day one.” – Democrat Antonio Delgado, candidate for Congress in NY-19

CHECKING THE CLAIM: Democrat Antonio Delgado, during a debate with Congressman John Faso (R-NY), claimed his position on health care has been “consistent” since the start of his campaign. Delgado claims he’s for a public option – a system that would include private and government-run health care, allowing individuals to choose the plan that best suits them.

But a closer look at what Delgado has actually said reveals that this is not entirely accurate.

In March, when Delgado was battling at least six other Democrats for the nomination in New York’s 19th Congressional District, he said he was “absolutely” open to Medicare For All, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) single-payer health care system.

That same month, he told the podcast “Spotlight 19” that he would vote in favor of a Medicare For All bill, so long as a plan was in place for how to pay for it. “It’s not that I’m against the idea,” he said. “But I’m also someone who tries to go about this process from a pragmatic way while not undermining our core set of principles and values.”

Delgado’s website is also full of references to “providing universal coverage” for Americans’ health care needs.

RATING: While Delgado is only interested in stressing his support for the public option, he has repeatedly said that he supports Medicare For All with caveats. But during the debate, when the moderator asked him if he supported single-payer health care, he claims he has “consistently” only supported the public option.

For this, NTK Network rates Delgado’s claim, Mostly Fake News.

NOTE: NTK Network’s Fact Check scale ranges from “Very Fake News,” for the most egregious false claims, to “Fake News,” “Mostly Fake News,” and, for claims that check out, “Mostly Real News” and “Real News.”

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