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Obama Plays It Safe With Return to the Campaign Trail

The former president is kicking off his return to campaigning in liberal California.

By NTK Staff | 09.05.2018 @1:00pm
Obama Plays It Safe With Return to the Campaign Trail

Former President Barack Obama doesn’t seem all that interested in protecting vulnerable red state Democrats, according to his public plans to begin campaigning this fall.

The former president is hosting his first political campaign event of 2018 in deep blue California.

Having largely avoided campaign activities since leaving office, Mr. Obama’s first public event of the midterm election will take place in Orange County, a traditionally conservative-leaning part of California where Republicans are at risk of losing several House seats. And Mr. Obama is expected to be joined by Democratic candidates from all seven of California’s Republican-held districts that Hillary Clinton carried in 2016.

The next stop on Obama’s campaign tour is Cleveland, Ohio, where he’ll join the Buckeye State’s Democrat nominee for governor, Richard Cordray:

Mr. Obama intends to campaign next Thursday in Cleveland for Richard Cordray, a former bank regulator in his administration who is the Democratic nominee for Ohio governor. Republicans have held total control of the state government since the 2010 election, and Mr. Obama helped encourage Mr. Cordray, also a former state attorney general, to seek the governorship.

He’s then expected to make a stop at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Friday.

The problem with these stops is that virtually none of them feature a competitive Senate race. Ten Senate Democrats are running in states that President Trump won in 2016. Yet according to the schedule so far released by Obama’s team, it doesn’t appear the former president is planning on lending a hand in Missouri, Indiana, or other states with tightly contested Senate races.

Obama’s popularity in those parts of the country is likely a factor, but how helpful will he be in places like Illinois and California?

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