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Obama Staffers Still Litigating… the 2008 Primary?

The former communications staffers took offense to the idea that a dropout from John Edwards would have aided Hillary Clinton in beating Barack Obama.

By NTK Staff | 01.03.2018 @6:00pm
Obama Staffers Still Litigating… the 2008 Primary?

When two former staffers for President Obama, speechwriter Jon Favreau and senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer, saw that a New York Times reporter insinuated their candidate could have lost the 2008 primary, they felt obligated to refute the claim. Apparently, Favreau and Pfeiffer were not content with winning in real life.

The New York Times’ Amy Chozick tweeted that an earlier dropout from John Edwards prior to the 2008 Iowa caucuses, after the revelations about his extramarital affair, could have led to Hillary Clinton winning the first caucuses of the election season.

Chozick implied that a Clinton win in Iowa could have given the then-senator from New York the necessary momentum to win the Democratic nomination for president.

Obama’s former staffers saw the tweet, and instead of letting it go, they aired their grievances with the analysis. Apparently not content with defeating Clinton in real life, Favreau tweeted that Obama “would’ve won by more” if Edwards had dropped out:

Pfeiffer jumped into the fray after Favreau, citing a study that showed most Edwards voters in Iowa would have backed Obama instead of Clinton:

If the Obama camp’s inability to let the smallest slight against their 2008 win go unchallenged is any guide, we can expect Democrats to relitigate Trump’s 2016 election win for years to come.

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