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Obama’s Russia Ambassador Praises Trump Admin’s Russia Policy

Michael McFaul told MSNBC that the Trump administration was "more aggressive" on Russia than the Obama administration. But he questioned Trump's personal refusal to push back on Putin.

By NTK Staff | 05.07.2018 @1:15pm

In an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, Michael McFaul, who served as the U.S. ambassador to Russia under President Obama, praised the Trump administration’s toughness on Russia.

McFaul told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the Trump administration has been “more aggressive” against Moscow than the Obama administration.

“The Trump administration’s policy towards Russia I think is actually a pretty good one,” he said. “There’s a lot of continuity with the Obama administration.”

“In some ways the Trump administration has been even more aggressive, and deterred Vladimir Putin,” the ambassador, who served from 2012 to 2014, told Mitchell. He mentioned the Trump administration’s efforts to supply lethal weaponry to the Ukrainian government.

However, McFaul criticized President Trump’s attitude toward Russia. “I honestly don’t understand why he won’t push back harder on Putin with respect to policy matters that are important to American national security,” he said.

Mitchell pointed out that it was in fact the Obama administration who “let [Putin] into Syria, and by extension the Middle East.”

“He is now a player in battlegrounds that he had never been before,” she added.

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