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On Earth Day, Don’t be Fooled: Apple Has Been Horrible to the Environment

The tech giant wants to tout its green energy efforts ahead of Earth Day, while ignoring their past environmental controversies.

By NTK Staff | 04.22.2017 @9:41am
On Earth Day, Don’t be Fooled: Apple Has Been Horrible to the Environment

Apple launched an ad campaign ahead of Earth Day, which aims to “highlight the company’s green energy efforts.” The tech giant’s real record when it comes to the environment, though, isn’t something they want publicized.

The new ad campaign consists of four videos that are all narrated by Apple employees. Each poses a different question about the environment and explains what the company’s environmental strategy is.

However, the facts around Apple’s impact on the environment are hardly something the tech giant wants highlighted ahead of Earth Day.

As Macworld wrote earlier this year, “For a company founded by a group of long-haired Californian hippies, it’s taken Apple a while to come to terms with its responsibilities to the Earth.”

For instance, in 2013, Apple polluted a river in China “so badly that it turned milk-white.” That same year, Apple was accused of “trashing tropical forests and coral reefs in Indonesia due to the use of tin in the iPhone and iPad.”

In 2011, Greenpeace released a report that named Apple, the “least green” tech company. According to The Guardian:

“The report estimated dependence on coal for Apple’s data centers at 54.5%, followed by Facebook at 53.2%, IBM at 51.6%, HP at 49.4%, and Twitter at 42.5%.”

While Apple has made improvements since that 2011 Greenpeace report, in 2016 the company agreed to pay a $450,000 settlement to the California Environmental Protection Agency for claims that the company mishandled electronic waste.

Apple’s $850 million solar farm also received considerable backlash from environmental groups in 2015, because it threatened some “rare, endangered and sensitive species,” including the golden eagle.

Then there’s the latest controversy surrounding Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, California, that will have enough space to park 11,000 cars. According to reports, about 3.5 million square feet of Apple’s new campus is dedicated specifically to parking. Eleven thousand cars is hardly the green image Apple wants to present.

So while Apple attempts to paint itself as an environmental champion ahead of Earth Day, their past and current controversies around environmental issues paint a very different picture.

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