Ossoff Says He Would Have Voted for Obamacare | NTK Network Ossoff Says He Would Have Voted for Obamacare

Ossoff Says He Would Have Voted for Obamacare

The Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District says he would have supported the health care law.  The district’s last congressman led the charge to repeal it.

By NTK Staff | 04.20.2017 @3:32pm

Democratic candidate for Congress, Jon Ossoff, said on CNN Thursday that he would have voted for Obamacare if he had been in Congress during its passage in 2009 and 2010.

“Given that it brought critical consumer protections that now I think have been widely recognized in Congress as essential to young people, to women, to folks with pre-existing conditions, I think I would have supported it,” Ossoff said.

Ossoff added, however, that “there’s plenty of room for improvement” in the health care law.

Ossoff is running to fill the congressional seat left open by the departure of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Price helped orchestrate the Trump administration’s failed attempt to repeal President Obama’s signature health care legislation.

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