Parliament Jeers Corbyn for Claiming Anti-Russia Mantle | NTK Network Parliament Jeers Corbyn for Claiming Anti-Russia Mantle

Parliament Jeers Corbyn for Claiming Anti-Russia Mantle

Members of the House of Commons called out the Labour leader for his previously soft stance on the Kremlin.

By NTK Staff | 03.26.2018 @2:56pm

Parliament erupted in laughter on Monday when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claimed that he’s “been a robust critic of the actions of the Russian government for 20 years.”

Upon his statement, laughter from the House of Commons interrupted Corbyn’s speech, forcing him to pause.

The Labour politician listed opposition to Russia’s homosexuality policies, actions in Chechnya, and governmental corruption as evidence of his stance.

However, one member of his own party pulled up previous Corbyn statements on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which painted a different picture of the Labour leader’s position.

“On Ukraine, I would not condone Russian behavior or expansion, but it is not unprovoked,” Labour MP John Woodcock read from Corbyn’s writing. Woodcock said that the rest of Corbyn’s piece focused its criticism on the United States and NATO instead of the Russian invasion.

Corbyn dismissed the comment with a sarcastic response. “I thank my honorable friend for his usual helpful intervention. Thank you very much,” he said.

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