Pat Toomey Slams Democrats for Single Payer Vote | NTK Network Pat Toomey Slams Democrats for Single Payer Vote

Pat Toomey Slams Democrats for Single Payer Vote

The Pennsylvania Senator mocked the Democratic Party for their cowardly abstentions when single-payer came up.

By NTK Staff | 07.28.2017 @12:52pm

In an appearance on Dom Giordano’s radio show in Philadelphia on Friday, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) slammed Senate Democrats for their cowardly abstentions on a single-payer health care system Thursday night.

“[A single-payer system] was put on the floor for a vote,” Toomey said.

“[Democrats] voted ‘present,'” the senator recounted to laughter from Giordano. “You can’t make this stuff up!”

“Bernie Sanders went down to the Senate floor and said of course he’s in favor of a single-payer, nationalized health care, but he wouldn’t vote for it unless there’s at least five Republicans to make sure it passes,” he pointed out. “That’s what Bernie Sanders obviously campaigned on!”

The Pennsylvania senator played a central role in the GOP’s effort to repeal Obamacare, but that push ultimately fell short late Thursday night. Before that vote, however, only a handful of Democrats found the courage to let the American people know where they stood on a government takeover of health care.

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