Paul Ryan: Lisa Page 'Needs to Comply' With Subpoena | NTK Network Paul Ryan: Lisa Page ‘Needs to Comply’ With Subpoena

Paul Ryan: Lisa Page ‘Needs to Comply’ With Subpoena

The FBI lawyer rejected a Congressional subpoena, and the House Speaker promised Congress would "do what we need to do" to compel her testimony.

By NTK Staff | 07.11.2018 @1:11pm

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), at a press conference on Wednesday, implied that Congress would charge FBI Lawyer Lisa Page with contempt of Congress if she continued to refuse to answer a Congressional subpoena.

“I’m very disturbed by this,” Ryan said. “Congressional subpoenas for testimony are not optional.”

As a “part of the mess” with the Russia investigation, the House Speaker said that Page has an “obligation” to testify before Congress.

“She needs to comply, and I stand behind [Judiciary] Chairman [Bob] Goodlatte on this,” he added.

House Republicans summoned Page for testimony in connection to her relationship with FBI Agent Peter Strzok and text messages she sent implying bias against then-candidate Donald Trump.

If Page continues to resist the subpoena, Congress “will do what [it] need[s] to do to protect this branch of government,” Ryan said.

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