Pelosi and Top Dem Chairman Increasingly at Odds Over Impeachment | NTK Network Pelosi and Top Dem Chairman Increasingly at Odds Over Impeachment

Pelosi and Top Dem Chairman Increasingly at Odds Over Impeachment

While Nancy Pelosi wants to keep impeachment at bay, many in her caucus, including close friends and committee chairmen, are increasingly eager to begin proceedings.

By NTK Staff | 06.11.2019 @9:46am
Pelosi and Top Dem Chairman Increasingly at Odds Over Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and longtime ally Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who chairs the House Judiciary Committee that would oversee impeachment proceedings, are at odds.

For months, Pelosi has sought to quell any uprising over the issue of impeachment among those in her caucus. Numerous Pelosi allies stand with the speaker on this issue, but there’s a growing chorus of Democrats who want to see action taken against President Trump. That chorus only amplified after Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a press conference earlier this month to address questions surrounding his two-year investigation and report.

The clash between Pelosi and Nadler is getting worse according to a report fromPolitico:

Nadler has twice urged Pelosi in private to open a formal impeachment inquiry, but the speaker, backed by the majority of her leadership team and her caucus, has maintained that impeaching the president would backfire on Democrats without meaningful Republican support. And there is no sign that Trump’s GOP firewall is cracking.

Pelosi and Nadler, two veterans of the impeachment drama surrounding President Bill Clinton 20 years ago, appear to be drawing opposite lessons from that experience. And the divide between the two lawmakers is illustrative of what all Democrats are grappling with as they respond to Trump’s efforts to stonewall congressional investigations into his personal conduct, finances and policy moves.

To keep Democrats satisfied, Pelosi’s team has allowed a series of votes on ancillary matters related to impeachment. They plan to hold Attorney General William Barr and former White House Counsel Don McGahn in contempt of Congress. On Tuesday, Democrats in the House are expected to put forth a bill that would lend more power to congressional subpoenas.

But most of the Democrats on Nadler’s Judiciary Committee favor impeachment, a further step that Pelosi is not yet willing to take.

Pelosi threw a bone to these Democrats last week when she said she wanted to see Trump “in prison,” but it’s doubtful that words alone will satiate these Democrats. How Pelosi maneuvers this crisis could determine her future role in the caucus going forward.

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