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Pelosi on the Chopping Block? 2018 Presents Real Test

A growing chorus of House Democrats are voicing frustration with leadership, and if 2018 doesn’t go as planned, the House minority leader could be out.

By NTK Staff | 01.04.2018 @2:02pm
Pelosi on the Chopping Block? 2018 Presents Real Test

Democrats have high hopes heading into 2018, but real changes to party leadership could be looming if those hopes aren’t met.

Eager to retake control of the House after the 2018 midterm elections, some are vocalizing their commitment to oust party leadership if that doesn’t happen. It’s a tall order: the minority party will need to reclaim at least 24 seats to force Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to hand the gavel to a Democrat in early 2019.

But that is Democrats’ top priority, and if it means dispatching with a longtime party leader, so be it, some say:

“Win or lose we have to have the change,” said Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., an outspoken critic of Democratic leadership.

“If we lose, everyone goes,” said Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., one of the top Democratic leaders.

Not all Democrats feel quite so free to make statements like Rice and Gallego, however. One anonymous Democrat said the last time he or she spoke out about Pelosi, leadership staff called and “bitched me out.” That’s not stopping others from dropping bombs anonymously:

Others argue Pelosi should walk away after the midterms — win or lose — because of the negative political weight she carries. The formula for Republicans is the same in nearly every race regardless Pelosi’s involvement: Tie the Democratic candidate to the minority leader and her “San Francisco values.” That’s proof enough, some members said, that it’s time for new leadership.

“She has to know she’s an anchor around everyone’s neck,” said one House Democrat. “It’s political malpractice and the worst thing about it is she knows it.”

Pelosi’s most recent leadership election produced the most votes against her she’s ever received. Given the outspoken nature in which Democrats are talking about the minority leader less than a year out from the midterms, her days could be numbered, win or lose.

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