Pence Asks NRA to Pray for USA | NTK Network Pence Asks NRA to Pray for USA

Pence Asks NRA to Pray for USA

Speaking at the annual gun rights convention, the vice president told the crowd that the administration needs American prayers to make America great again.

By NTK Staff | 05.04.2018 @2:56pm

Vice President Mike Pence requested at the National Rifle Association convention that the gun rights group’s members pray for the United States and the Trump administration.

“In this time of too much division in these United States, too much anger, and even violence, I want to encourage you if you’re so inclined to bow the head and bend the knee in the days ahead and pray for America,” Pence said to the crowd.

“And when you pray, pray with confidence,” he told the crowd. “I’ll always believe that those words recorded millennia ago, that Americans have clung to throughout our history, are every bit as true today as they’ve ever been.”

The vice president then quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14, and expressed confidence that God would reward Americans’ humble prayers and “heal this land.”

The crowd met his words with raucous applause.

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