Pence to ICE: America Stands With You | NTK Network Pence to ICE: America Stands With You

Pence to ICE: America Stands With You

The vice president told agents of the law enforcement agency that Americans stand behind their immigration enforcement workers.

By NTK Staff | 07.06.2018 @1:13pm

Vice President Mike Pence, in a speech at ICE headquarters on Friday, told the agents of immigration enforcement that the citizens of the United States stand firmly behind them despite far-left calls to “abolish” the agency.

“Just be confident of this, President Donald Trump and I will always fight for you. We’ll always stand with you,” he told the headquarters.

The vice president added that ICE’s support extends beyond the White House to the hearts of everyday Americans, who appreciate the sacrifice of law enforcement officers.

“The American people are with you,” Pence said. “As I travel across this country, I hear the admiration and the appreciation that millions of Americans have for the men and women of this agency.”

“We stand with you, and we always will,” he added, promising that the Trump administration would aid the agency in its mission.

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