POLL: Biden Faces Serious Enthusiasm Gap Among Democrats | NTK Network POLL: Biden Faces Serious Enthusiasm Gap Among Democrats

POLL: Biden Faces Serious Enthusiasm Gap Among Democrats

Democrats are picking Biden because they think he can beat Trump, not because they want him to be president. That could spell trouble for his chances.

By NTK Staff | 07.22.2019 @9:40am
POLL: Biden Faces Serious Enthusiasm Gap Among Democrats

After several months on the campaign trail and the first debate of the Democratic presidential primary season, Joe Biden is still the front runner in the race. But a new poll released Sunday explains that Biden’s frontrunner status could be built on a house of cards.

Nationally, Biden is the first choice of 25 percent of Democratic voters, according to a new CBS News poll. That’s 5 percentage points head of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at 20 percent. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) earned 16 percent support, while Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) came in fourth with 15 percent.

But the problem lies in why Democrat voter say they’re backing Biden and how enthusiastic that support is. Biden significantly trails Warren and Sanders in the enthusiasm department:

Biden continued to benefit from his perceived electability against President Donald Trump in the general election, with 75% of likely voters considering voting for him because they think he could beat Trump. Meanwhile, 85% of those considering Biden cited his time as former President Barack Obama’s vice president as a reason for choosing him.

Still, there’s an enthusiasm gap for Biden among some primary voters, the poll found. A majority of those surveyed, 56%, said Warren would fight “a great deal” for people like them, and 54% said the same of Sanders. Only 38% described Biden that way.

Conversely, when voters are asked which candidates have been the most “passionate” so far, Warren and Sanders led with 28 percent, while Biden lagged behind at 14 percent.

Harris received a bit of a bump after last month’s debate in which she clashed with Biden over the issue of race. With the next debate around the corner, Biden needs to prevent Harris or any other candidate from scoring points off him if he wants to maintain his frontrunner status.

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