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Poll: GOP Narrows 2018 Gap With Dems

A 15-point lead on the generic ballot has whittled down to 5, according to Fox News.

By NTK Staff | 03.25.2018 @11:15am
Poll: GOP Narrows 2018 Gap With Dems

Democrats are seeing their lead on the generic 2018 ballot slip away, according to a new poll from Fox News. Where they once had a 15-point lead over Republicans, Democrats now have only a 5-point lead with eight months to go in the election cycle.

Republicans are happy with the new poll, Fox reported. They’re encouraged by the momentum they’re seeing going into the midterms.

Fox News reported:

That’s good news for Republicans because Democrats were up by 15 points in October (50-35 percent) in the so-called generic ballot test. Now, it’s a 5-point edge, as 46 percent of voters would back the Democratic candidate in their district and 41 percent the Republican.

“Just winning the popular national vote is not enough to flip the House,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. “Given the GOP’s districting advantages, data from 2012 and 2014 show the Democrats need an edge of at least five points to bring the majority into play.”

Other polls have also shown Republicans gaining on Democrats on the 2018 ballot. As the GOP fights to maintain their congressional majorities, the polls will be welcome news to their candidates.

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