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POLL: Satisfaction Among Americans Remains High

June marked a 12-year high in the percentage of Americans who are satisfied with the direction of the country. The same poll from August showed those numbers aren’t slipping.

By NTK Staff | 08.15.2018 @10:00am
POLL: Satisfaction Among Americans Remains High

Americans are optimistic about the direction of the country, a new Gallup poll finds.

Thirty-six percent of Americans said they were satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. That’s down slightly from the 12-year high in June of 38 percent, but it’s well above the 27-percent average for 2017. According to Gallup, satisfaction was closer to 30 percent at the start of 2018.

The higher readings this year — which possibly reflect positive economic news, such as a lower unemployment rate — also mean satisfaction has averaged a relatively high 34% so far in 2018. While confidence averaged 60% during the economic boom years in the late 1990s, from 2007 through last year, it averaged as low as 15% annually and no higher than 28%.

These results could be good news for Republicans, who control the White House and both chambers of Congress. Traditionally, when satisfaction is high among Americans, there’s less of a desire to throw out the party in power.

With that being said, there is a sharp partisan divide when it comes to who is satisfied and who is not.

Republicans are largely upbeat about the nation’s direction: 67% are satisfied and 32% are dissatisfied. Democrats, meanwhile, are more unified in their displeasure, with 88% dissatisfied and only 12% satisfied. Independents tilt more in the Democrats’ direction: 67% dissatisfied and 31% satisfied.

According to Gallup, Republicans are now about as optimistic as they were during the George W. Bush years, and Democrats are “about as sour” as Republicans were during the Barack Obama years.

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