Pompeo Calls On OAS to Expel Venezuela | NTK Network Pompeo Calls On OAS to Expel Venezuela

Pompeo Calls On OAS to Expel Venezuela

The diplomatic organization in the western hemisphere applauded Pompeo's stand against the Maduro regime's brutality.

By NTK Staff | 06.04.2018 @4:16pm

Speaking at a meeting of the Organization of American States on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the group to suspend Venezuela’s membership in the wake of the crackdown on dissidents in the South American country.

“The United States stands steadfast in support of the Venezuelan people and their efforts to return to democracy,” Pompeo said. “The Maduro regime’s efforts to move towards unconstitutional government and its human rights abuses are now well known by all.”

The secretary of state called on President Nicolas Maduro to hold “free and fair” elections and respect his people’s human rights.

“Suspend Venezuela from this body,” Pompeo urged his fellow diplomats. “Only real elections will allow [the Venezuealan] government to be included in the family of nations.”

He also called on other OAS members to pressure Venezuela with sanctions.

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