Pope Francis Blasts 'Fake News' as 'Grave Sin' | NTK Network Pope Francis Blasts ‘Fake News’ as ‘Grave Sin’

Pope Francis Blasts ‘Fake News’ as ‘Grave Sin’

The heir to the seat of St. Peter is taking a stance on fake news, naming it as an affront to God.

By NTK Staff | 12.19.2017 @2:00pm
Pope Francis Blasts ‘Fake News’ as ‘Grave Sin’

Speaking with the media on Saturday, Pope Francis went after fake news, calling the practice as a “very serious sin,” according to a report from The Guardian.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has often found himself at odds with President Donald Trump, but it appears they agree that fraudulent media reports are harmful to society.

The pope told reporters that he will spend much of his “annual communications message” speaking about “fake news”:

The pope said: “You shouldn’t fall into the ‘sins of communication:’ disinformation, or giving just one side, calumny that is sensationalised, or defamation, looking for things that are old news and have been dealt with and bringing them to light today.”

He called those actions a “grave sin that hurts the heart of the journalist and hurts others”.

Trump has often attacked U.S. media outlets for false or misleading reporting on the activities of his administration. We can guess that the president will be tuning into Francis’s address.

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