Protester Interrupts Haspel Hearing: 'Bloody Gina' | NTK Network Protester Interrupts Haspel Hearing: ‘Bloody Gina’

Protester Interrupts Haspel Hearing: ‘Bloody Gina’

Capitol Police removed the disruptor as she called President Trump's nominee a "torturer."

By NTK Staff | 05.09.2018 @11:23am

A protester screamed out epithets at President Trump’s nominee to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, at the nominee’s confirmation hearing on Wednesday.

As Haspel testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the demonstrator spoke out against her nomination. Much of her speech was inaudible, but her cries grew louder as Capitol Police pulled her out.

“Bloody Gina! Bloody Gina!” the woman yelled. “You are a torturer!”

The protester was most likely referencing Haspel’s alleged role in the CIA enhanced interrogation program during the War on Terror.

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