Protests Rock Iran as U.S. Reimposes Sanctions | NTK Network Protests Rock Iran as U.S. Reimposes Sanctions

Protests Rock Iran as U.S. Reimposes Sanctions

Are the days of the Ayatollah numbered in Tehran? The Iranian people might finally be sick of the regime's theft.

By NTK Staff | 08.06.2018 @5:00pm
Protests Rock Iran as U.S. Reimposes Sanctions

Iranian cities have erupted with demonstrations against the regime over the past few days, as the United States prepared Monday to slap sanctions back on the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

Iranians took to the streets in spontaneous protests across the country on Thursday, according to The New York Times, with hundreds demonstrating in “the cities Arak, Isfahan, Karaj and Shiraz.” A protest also broke out in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

Some of the protests went beyond economics, targeting the strict religious rules that repress the people. For instance, “[i]n the city of Eshtehard, west of the capital, protesters attacked a religious school on Thursday, forcing 500 clerics in training to flee,” according to the Times.

The protests came days before the Trump administration would reimpose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. The sanctions will go into effect at midnight.

The president promised to pull the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal on the campaign trail, and he stayed true to that pledge in the hopes of further damaging the economic prospects of the Islamic Republic.

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