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Putin is Not Trump’s Friend

It didn't stop with Hillary Clinton. Russian operatives are trying to undermine American democracy - and Trump's presidency.

By NTK Staff | 07.19.2018 @2:00pm

Despite Russian President Vladimir Putin’s admission that he preferred Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, the Russian state has repeatedly indicated that it has no love for the American president, only seeking to undermine U.S. institutions.

As Trump pursues warmer relations with traditional American adversaries, the Russian president seemingly welcomes him with one hand and prepares to stab him in the back with the other.

We know from overwhelming U.S. intelligence conclusions that the Russian state, contrary to Putin’s denials, sought to sink the candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2016. But instead of seeking a Trump presidency for the purpose of a new detenté, Russian operatives turned their sights on fueling tensions between Trump supporters and the anti-Trump “resistance.”

Recent developments show that Kremlin-backed commentators seem intent on advancing the resistance narrative that Trump is some sort of Russian Manchurian candidate. A Russian state television host, in the video above, declared that Trump “smells like an agent of the Kremlin,” according to Russia expert Julia Davis.

Combined with the charge from Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Russian operatives organized massive anti-Trump protests, it’s clear that Putin’s ultimate target was not Clinton’s candidacy but the ties that bind American political life together. The Russians apparently have no qualms feeding the feverish Siberian Candidate-nightmares of the anti-Trump resistance.

The president’s instincts in office have led him to seek common ground with American foes, but Putin is operating in bad faith. As Trump questions the collective defense agreement of NATO and challenges the U.S. intelligence community, Putin’s agents continue to interfere in American and European politics. Just ask Trump’s own Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

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