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Putin’s Office Tweets: ‘Unlimited Range’ on Our Nuclear Missiles

Russia, the world's leading nuclear power, is boasting of its "unlimited range," as President Vladimir Putin heads into a re-election year.

By NTK Staff | 03.01.2018 @3:00pm
Putin’s Office Tweets: ‘Unlimited Range’ on Our Nuclear Missiles

Less than a month ahead of a re-election contest the world widely expects Vladimir Putin to win, the Russian president (and/or his office) took to Twitter to boast of the “unlimited range” on Russia’s “nuclear-powered missiles.”

The tweet coincided with Putin’s “state of the nation” address on Thursday. Politico‘s Louis Nelson reported:

“Efforts to contain Russia have failed, face it,” Putin said, according to multiple news reports.

The Russian president’s speech was interspersed with video of his nation’s weaponry, including underwater drones, a hypersonic system that “heads for its target like a meteorite” and intercontinental missiles.

Putin added that Russia’s missiles make defense systems “useless.”

Russia has a new array of nuclear-capable weapons including an intercontinental ballistic missile that renders defense systems “useless,” President Vladimir Putin announced Thursday.

How much of the information is real, and how much is political posturing?

For one, Russia is the world’s leading nuclear power, as of January 2018. According to the Arms Control Association, the following nations had nuclear warheads in 2017:

  • Russia: 7,000
  • U.S.: 6,800
  • France: 300
  • China: 270
  • United Kingdom: 215
  • Pakistan: 140
  • India: 130
  • Israel: 80
  • North Korea: 15

But some of this may be a chest-puffing moment for Putin. He’s up for re-election on March 18, and even though he’s widely expected to win, a leading faux-democratic head of state may at least want to pretend to boast of his leadership strengths ahead of an election day.

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