QUICK TAKE: New Polls Reflecting A Shift In The Race? | NTK Network QUICK TAKE: New Polls Reflecting A Shift In The Race?

QUICK TAKE: New Polls Reflecting A Shift In The Race?

New polling shows voters are concerned about Clinton’s health and majorities are backing Trump in a key battleground state…

By NTK Staff | 09.14.2016 @4:50pm
QUICK TAKE: New Polls Reflecting A Shift In The Race?

A series of new polls out today should be setting off alarm bells in Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn headquarters.

First, a Morning Consult poll shows that 79 percent of registered voters have “heard a lot or some about Clinton’s health concerns.”

What’s more, the public’s opinion of Clinton’s health is deteriorating: last month 29 percent believed Clinton’s health was above average or excellent; that number is down to 22 percent today. Those who believe Clinton’s health is below average or very poor has spiked to 41 percent, up from 26 percent last month.

The degree to which Clinton’s health might affect who voters pull the lever for is unknown, but it’s an unwelcome development for Clinton’s campaign.

Adding to Clinton’s woes is a new poll in battleground state Ohio, which shows Trump leading Clinton 48-43 among likely voters in a head-to-head match up. The poll, conducted by Bloomberg Politics, shows Trump leading Clinton 44-39 when all candidates are included.

The Bloomberg poll is backed up by a CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday afternoon that showed Trump ahead of Clinton 46-41.

And in Florida, CNN/ORC found Trump had a slight lead, 47-44, within the poll’s margin of error.

Battleground Nevada appears to be tilting Trump’s way, too. He now holds “a slim 2 point lead” over Clinton, according to a new Monmouth University poll released this afternoon. In July, that same poll found Clinton leading Trump, 45-41.

And strangely enough in Maine, where a Republican last won in 1988, Clinton leads Trump by a razor thin margin of 42-39 statewide. The Colby College/Boston Globe poll found, however, that Trump leads Clinton by 10 points in the more conservative 2nd Congressional District. The results are similar to a poll conducted last week by Emerson College.

Maine is one of two states that divides its Electoral College votes by Congressional District.

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