Quick Take: Trump Doesn't Hold Back With "Deplorables" Ad Quick Take: Trump Doesn’t Hold Back With “Deplorables” Ad

Quick Take: Trump Doesn’t Hold Back With “Deplorables” Ad

On Monday, Donald Trump's campaign released an ad slamming Hillary Clinton for calling half of his supporters "deplorables."

By NTK Staff | 09.12.2016 @10:00am
Quick Take: Trump Doesn’t Hold Back With “Deplorables” Ad

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent one part of the weekend doing damage control over her decision to call half of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” and the other part bungling Clinton’s health incident in New York.

Trump has been surprisingly measured in his response to Clinton’s health so far, but he’s not holding back on the “deplorables” remark.

On ayay, Trump’s campaign released an ad called “Deplorables,” pairing audio of Clinton’s comments with video of Trump’s enthusiastic supporters.

The ad will air in the swing states of PA, OH, NC, and FL.

The ad emphasizes that Clinton was “speaking to wealthy donors” when she wrote off half of Trump’s supporters, perhaps an effort to further highlight Trump’s populist credentials.

The supporters in Trump’s ad are racially and ethnically diverse. Two wear hard hats, a nod to blue-collar workers.

Trump’s ad tries to make the “deplorables” comment personal, claiming Clinton is “viciously demonizing hard working people like you.”

In a weekend full of shake-ups for the Clinton campaign, the “deplorables” comment may do lasting damage – not unlike then-Sen. Barack Obama’s “guns and religion” comment from 2008.

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