#QuickTake: Merkel Takes a Page from Trump | NTK Network #QuickTake: Merkel Takes a Page from Trump

#QuickTake: Merkel Takes a Page from Trump

In an effort to appeal to nationalist, anti-EU factions in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed a nationwide burqa ban on Tuesday.

By NTK Staff | 12.06.2016 @12:00pm
#QuickTake: Merkel Takes a Page from Trump

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel won another term as the leader of Germany’s “main conservative party,” the Christian Democratic Union (CDU):

Merkel won re-election to party leadership with 89.5% of the vote, but this was her “second worst score” in multiple elections to lead the CDU.

Where Merkel made headlines, though, was her call for a nationwide burqa ban. TIME has more:

“In communication between people, which is of course essential to our living together, we have to show our faces,” she told delegates at the annual Christian Democrats (CDU) party conference in the northwestern city of Essen. “So the full veil should be forbidden wherever legally possible.”

The proposal may be an effort to tame nationalist forces in Alternative for Germany (AfD), “the strongest right-wing populist party … in the country’s postwar history.”

The proposal also echoes some of President-elect Donald Trump’s more inflammatory ideas – most notably of all, his proposed Muslim ban from 2015.

Germany’s burqa ban, if implemented, would follow bans in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. French citizens caught wearing a burqa or niqab (“a full-face veil with an opening for the eyes”) in public face a fine of around $200.

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