REPORT: Bruising House Primaries Depleting Democrat Resources | NTK Network REPORT: Bruising House Primaries Depleting Democrat Resources

REPORT: Bruising House Primaries Depleting Democrat Resources

Despite headlines to the contrary, primary fights are actually hurting Democrats in the midterm cash race.

By NTK Staff | 04.20.2018 @11:00am
REPORT: Bruising House Primaries Depleting Democrat Resources

In politics, money talks, and a new report from Bloomberg News shows that despite a slew of headlines touting House Democrats’ fundraising prowess, Republicans are actually in a stronger cash position heading into the 2018 November midterms.

The reason is simple: nearly all Republican candidates are incumbents and running unopposed in their primaries. But Democrats, particularly energized in the Trump era, are coming out in droves to run for office, and the primary races that have ensued are draining their resources.

According to Bloomberg, Republican candidates have more money in the bank in 17 of 23 “toss-up” districts.

Plenty of time remains for fundraising before the November election. But the current imbalance suggests a potential advantage for Republicans who may have more resources in the early phase of the general election campaign to define their Democratic opponents in unflattering ways.

And yet, as the April 15 FEC filing deadline has passed, stories have flooded Washington about Democrats’ strong first quarter fundraising. Politico blared the headline: “House FEC deep-dive: 43 GOP incumbents outraised by Democrats in first quarter.” But while the headline might be technically true, it misses the larger point about the Republican versus Democrat contests looming in November.

Similarly, a Reuters headline put it more simply: “Democrats are outraising Republicans in key House races.” But even that story noted in the third to last paragraph: “The fundraising amounted to $351,740 per Democrat and $525,506 per Republican.”

The fact of the matter is, Republicans are currently in a stronger cash-on-hand position than Democrats in many key House races. Republicans owe that advantage to deep rifts within the Democratic Party that first surfaced during the 2016 presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and continue to roil the left to this day.

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