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Report: Insurance Company Drops Cancer Patient

In what is part of a disturbing trend in recent years, a major insurer dropped a Texas patient being treated for cancer.

By NTK Staff | 11.11.2016 @3:51pm
Report: Insurance Company Drops Cancer Patient

The Houston Chronicle is out with a new report on a cancer patient who was dropped – not once, but twice – by health insurers while undergoing treatment.

From the Chronicle‘s Jenny Deam:

On Sept. 25, 2015, [James Craig Goulding] became part of a wave of 88,000 people in Houston who abruptly lost broad coverage plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, the state’s largest insurer. The notice came as he was reeling from a cancer diagnosis only days before. … Another insurer, Humana, stepped in at the last minute.

But then, in Sept. 2016, Humana dropped Goulding. He’ll lose coverage “about when he is scheduled to undergo a stem-cell transplant needed to keep his cancer at bay.”

This account follows a Chronicle report from 2015 on insurers dropping thousands of patients in Texas. Some, including The Woodlands’ Martha Gardenier, have rare diseases that require special treatment.

The Affordable Care Act has had an impact on the health market – and premiums are going up around the nation – but, as the Chronicle notes in its report on Goulding, there has been a “great disappearing act” among major insurers in Texas this year.

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