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Report: North Korea Dismantles Missile Test Site

According to a Pyongyang watchdog, the rogue nation is pulling apart its ballistic missile test sites, in another potential win for the Trump administration.

By NTK Staff | 06.06.2018 @5:15pm
Report: North Korea Dismantles Missile Test Site

North Korea appears to be taking seriously its effort to de-escalate its nuclear program, ahead of a meeting between President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un next week. According to analysis from 38 North, a North Korea watchdog, Pyongyang is dismantling one of its most important ballistic missile test sites.

A study of satellite images shows that the facility, active as recently as 2017, is no longer operational, and its launch structure has disappeared.

North Korea used the missile launch facility at Iha-ri Driver Training and Test Facility to test its medium and (possibly) long-range ballistic missiles:

The stand is the only known facility used for land-based, canister-launched ballistic missile ejection tests critical for developing the solid-propellant Pukguksong-2 (KN-15) medium-range ballistic missile and its follow-on systems. The stand could also have been used for testing larger canister-based ballistic missiles such as the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) displayed during the April 2017 military parade in Pyongyang.

The Kim regime announced in April that it would suspend its ballistic weapons program, as relations between Washington and Pyongyang warmed.

North Korea also decommissioned a site they had used to test nuclear weapons last month, though the facility had become largely inoperable.

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