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Report: Obama EPA Paid Unearned Overtime to Employees

The EPA Inspector General found that employees were getting paid for overtime that they hadn't worked.

By NTK Staff | 08.14.2017 @7:51am
Report: Obama EPA Paid Unearned Overtime to Employees

A new report from the EPA Inspector General has shown that the Obama-era agency approved unearned overtime payments to its employees in at least one administrative region.

According to the report, there were 79 instances of EPA employees receiving overtime pay that exceeded the agency’s bi-weekly overtime cap in the Pacific Northwest:

Most of the 79 exceedances lacked a supporting waiver request; Region 10 provided 15 waiver requests that covered only 21 of the 79 instances. The OIG’s review of the 15 waiver requests showed that requests cited both emergencies and work that was critical to the mission of the agency as justification.

These 15 approvals also lacked the proper justification, the Inspector General wrote.

Furthermore, there appeared to be no mechanisms to prevent such abuses of overtime payroll:

Based on interviews with officials and personnel, we learned that there is no clear line of responsibility to maintain documentation for waiver requests or to track requests and approvals between the region, OARM and OCFO. Neither OARM nor OCFO could provide a list of waivers for the period requested or supporting documentation.

This isn’t the first time that the EPA under Scott Pruitt’s leadership has moved to end the luxurious waste of taxpayer dollars at the agency. In June, Pruitt ended a $1 million employee fitness center program, after reports of waste came in from national offices.

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