Report: Pence 'Made it Clear' He Could Take Trump's Spot After 'Access Hollywood' Tape | NTK Network Report: Pence ‘Made it Clear’ He Could Take Trump’s Spot After ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

Report: Pence ‘Made it Clear’ He Could Take Trump’s Spot After ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

McKay Coppins' lengthy Mike Pence profile, out in The Atlantic, goes inside the shocking few weeks around the "Access Hollywood" scandal, and more.

By NTK Staff | 12.05.2017 @9:00am
Report: Pence ‘Made it Clear’ He Could Take Trump’s Spot After ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape

In the days after The Washington Post revealed Donald Trump bragged he could grab women “by the p***y” on the set of “Access Hollywood” in 2005, Trump’s running mate Mike Pence “made it clear” to GOP officials he was ready to take over the ticket, according to a new profile of Pence in The Atlantic.

McKay Coppins, who has long had credible sources throughout the GOP and who wrote an entire book on the emerging GOP presidential primary in 2015, reported on Tuesday that in the chaotic days after the “Access Hollywood” tape party insiders floated a Pence ticket with Condoleezza Rice.

The key paragraphs:

It’s been reported that Pence sent Trump a letter saying he needed time to decide whether he could stay with the campaign. But in fact, according to several Republicans familiar with the situation, he wasn’t just thinking about dropping out—he was contemplating a coup. Within hours of The Post’s bombshell, Pence made it clear to the Republican National Committee that he was ready to take Trump’s place as the party’s nominee. Such a move just four weeks before Election Day would have been unprecedented—but the situation seemed dire enough to call for radical action.

…Republican donors and party leaders began buzzing about making Pence the nominee and drafting Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Amid the chaos, Trump convened a meeting of his top advisers in his Manhattan penthouse. He went around the room and asked each person for his damage assessment. Priebus bluntly told Trump he could either drop out immediately or lose in a historic landslide. According to someone who was present, Priebus added that Pence and Rice were “ready to step in.”

The news may risk a so-far strong relationship between Trump and Pence, who Coppins admits are an unlikely duo – a braggadocious reality TV star and an evangelical Christian.

Other interesting details from Coppins’ profile:

  • Karen Pence, now the Second Lady, was “disgusted” by the “Access Hollywood” tape; a former campaign aide says Karen Pence finds Trump “totally vile” – using the present tense
  • “[A] small group of billionaires” tried to ‘buy’ Trump out of the ticket; when they asked a “Trump associate” how much money it would take, the answer was $800 million
  • After the tape’s release, Trump “made an effort to convince Pence” that he (Trump) “was a good-hearted man with faith in God,” even leaving Pence a voicemail ahead of the VP debate saying he had said a prayer for him

Read the full profile here.

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