Reporter Yells At Sarah Sanders | NTK Network Reporter Yells At Sarah Sanders

Reporter Yells At Sarah Sanders

CNN contributor Brian Karem didn't have a question, he just wanted to yell out his opinion.

By NTK Staff | 06.14.2018 @3:57pm

Playboy’s White House correspondent, Brian Karem, decided to take the opportunity at the Thursday White House press briefing to yell at White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders over the Trump administration’s detention policies.

Sanders argued that President Trump valued maintaining the rule of law in the United States, unlike previous administrations.

“Don’t you have any empathy?” Karem yelled out, over another reporter’s question. “Come on, Sarah! You’re a parent!”

“They have less than you do! Sarah, come on. Seriously? Seriously?” he said.

Karem continued yelling about the situation at the border, demanding that Sanders answer his question.

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