Reports: Connecticut Dem Kept on Abusive Staffer for Months | NTK Network Reports: Connecticut Dem Kept on Abusive Staffer for Months

Reports: Connecticut Dem Kept on Abusive Staffer for Months

Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) has expressed support for the #MeToo movement, but helped an abusive ex-staffer land a new job at a non-profit and paid him severance.

By NTK Staff | 03.30.2018 @11:00am
Reports: Connecticut Dem Kept on Abusive Staffer for Months

According to new reports published near-simultaneously on Thursday night, Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-CT) helped an ex-chief of staff – who was accused of harassment, abuse, and violent threats – land a new job and receive a $5,000 severance payment.

The Washington Post and the Connecticut Post reported on the allegations on Thursday, noting that Esty kept the staffer on for months after she first learned of some of the allegations against him.

From The Washington Post‘s Elise Viebeck:

The threat from Rep. Elizabeth Esty’s chief of staff arrived in a voice mail.

“You better f—–g reply to me or I will f—–g kill you,” Tony Baker said in the May 5, 2016, recording left for Anna Kain, a former Esty aide Baker had once dated.

Kain, who provided a copy of the recording to The Washington Post, alerted the police, filed a report for felony threats and obtained a 12-month restraining order against Baker.

According to emails obtained by The Post, Esty found out about the episode within a week. At that point, the Connecticut Democrat took matters into her own hands.

Rather than firing or suspending Baker, the congresswoman consulted her personal attorneys and advisers, she said.

Esty released a statement through her office on Thursday night. It read, in part:

In the spring of 2016, I was horrified and angry to learn that a promising, dedicated former employee of mine was harassed and harmed by my then (now former) chief of staff. I am sorry that I failed to protect her and provide her with the safe and respectful work environment that every employee deserves. I am sorry that I hurt her, her friends, family, and co-workers, and many of my present and former staffers.

The congresswoman is generally considered a safe incumbent, but these reports will raise questions about her fitness to represent her constituents in Congress.

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