Richard Cordray Dodges on Pelosi Support | NTK Network Richard Cordray Dodges on Pelosi Support

Richard Cordray Dodges on Pelosi Support

Pelosi released a statement praising the Democratic Ohio candidate on Wednesday, but Cordray is running away as quickly as possible.

By NTK Staff | 08.08.2018 @1:23pm

Richard Cordray, the Democratic nominee for the Ohio gubernatorial race, dodged questions from CNN’s Kate Bouldan on whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should continue to lead the Democratic Party.

Bouldan explained that the “toxic” Pelosi question “tripped up” Democrat Danny O’Connor and helped contribute to his defeat in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District on Tuesday.

“I don’t care much about federal officials,” Cordray said, following with a plug for his website.

The CNN host pointed out that Cordray spent a significant period of time in Washington, D.C. as the chief of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “[Pelosi] put out a statement supporting you, calling you a patriot when you left your post at CFPB,” Bouldan said. “Do you think she would do a good job as speaker again?”

“I don’t think voters care here when they’re talking about who’s going to be the next governor here in Ohio,” Cordray responded. He added that it was not “relevant,” even though Pelosi added her voice in support of his candidacy.

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